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The Uganda Institute Of Banking And Financial Services Since 1967

The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services (UIBFS), formerly The Uganda Institute of Bankers, is the leading provider of training for Uganda’s financial sector. Starting out in 1967 as a local centre of the then Chartered Institute of Bankers, London (now London Institute of Banking & Finance), and the Institute attained autonomy in 1990. The Institute is a Body Corporate registered under the Companies Act (Cap 110) of the Laws of the Republic of Uganda as a Company Limited by guarantee. The Headquarters of the UIBFS are located at Plot 10 Buganda Road, Kampala - Uganda.

Our Vision

A Centre of Excellence in Financial Services Training

Our Mission

Promoting professionalism and inclusion through market-led training, research and consultancy to providers and users of financial services.

Our Objectives

1.To Promote, encourage, protect and advance knowledge and education in the principles and practices of Banking and Financial Services.

    2. To prescribe and inculcate high ethical and professional standards among its Members.

3.To raise the capabilities of financial sector practitioners in priority areas by developing and delivering specialized

programs to address knowledge and competency gaps.

4. To enable lifelong learning and strengthen relationships with the sector leaders and professionals to support collective efforts for continuous human capital development through research and events.

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The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services

UIBFS And UBA In Conjunction With Bank Of Uganda, Member Banks, Financial Sector Regulatory Bodies And Financial Institutions And Partners Rolled Out A One Year Savings Challenge. The Theme Of The 2022 World Savings Day Will Be Upheld For The Duration Of The Savings Challenge; “Start Small, Grow Big; Be Green Smart”..

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