This leads to the award of a Certificate in Credit Management of the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial services.


• To facilitate the process of developing the level of knowledge, skills and attitudes to further improve decision making in credit management

Am I Eligible?
Either: (i) Banking Certificate
(ii)Certified Professional Banker (Diploma in Banking)
(iii)A minimum of an Ordinary Diploma from a recognized Institution
(iv)Any other recognised professional qualification like CPA, ACCA OR equivalent

Content of the course:

(i) Fundamentals of Credit Analysis (Paper one)
•Introduction to Credit Management
•Type of borrowers and their credit requirements
•Credit Products and their futures
•Source of funding
•Marketing of Credit products

(ii) Financial And Non Financial Analysis (Paper two)
•Financial Analysis
•Non Financial Analysis

(iii) Risk Management And Security Analysis (Paper three)
•Risk grading and Pricing
•Security analysis

(iv) Credit Administration and Policy (Paper four)
•Time Management for Credit Staff
•Credit Policy
•Emerging Issues
•Credit Administration

Duration: 9 Months

How do I start?
1. Register as a student member of the Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services
2. Decide on which method of study suits your work patterns and circumstances.

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