The bank, much like other organizations, is organized in strata apexed at the executive level to oversee policy mainstreaming in the operations of the bank, for ensuring strategic direction, managing resources efficiently, sculpting a sparkling image in the public; all in answer to the visionary expectations of the equity holders as articulated by the Board. The policy framework and regulatory environment on one hand are a range which must be bridged with a detachable range of the rank and file e.g. labour suppliers, both internal staff and external contractors to interface with the business lifeline provider: consumers.

Overall Objective

Enhancing cognitive breadth and depth that equips the managers and branch managers with best practice, prowess and operational efficiency.
Specific Objectives

At the end of this course the candidate shall be able to

• Apply professional leadership and managerial skills to lead the bank to predictable results.
• Apply accounting analysis to credit management in the branch.
• Use a widened theory baseline for real- time best practice in bank operations and strategy
• To cognise organisational architecture and link equity, staff, client, and customers to a profiting experience


The EBMP course shall entail modules that will equip the would-be and the branch managers with a granular understanding of the functioning of the bank in the real world i.e. typical branch aspects like management, operations, execution, marketing and sales, support tasks and logistics.

Who Should Attend?

Branch managers, assistant managers and supervisors aspiring for branch management responsibilities, credit staff and overseers of branch managers

Course Duration: 8 Months

Mode of Delivery: Self study, Week end, face to face and adopting skype interactive sessions.

Course Coverage

EBM – Level 1
1. The Financial Sector Overview
2. Introduction to Functions of Management
3. Introduction Human Resource Management
4. Managing Branch Operations I
5. Managing Branch Operations II
6. Managing Branch Operations III
7. Commercial Credit I

EBM – Level 2
1. Commercial Credit II
2. Commercial Credit III
3. Commercial Credit IV
4. Consumer (Retail) Banking
5. Bank Branch Marketing & Proactive Sales (Innovative offerings)
6. Branch Risk Management
7. Branch Support Technology & Inventory

Dates  Venue  Course Fees 
 Ugandans  International

12th February- 5th November

 Kampala  UGX 2,000,000   N/A

Banking & Finance Skills