Overall Course Objective

To deliver a deep, practical understanding of operational risk management frameworks and measurement methodologies in financial institutions.
Specific Objectives

By the end of this course, the learner will be able to;
• Gain an appreciation for the role of risk management
• Gain an appreciation for the role of corporate governance in risk management
• Describe and apply the elements of a risk management framework
• Manage an operational risk assessment program and apply it in their workplace

Who Should Attend
This course is relevant to all risk related roles in financial services, in particular Operational Risk Staff, Financial Controllers, Operations and Technology Managers, and Compliance and Legal Officers.

Format of Exam

Section/Key Topics  No. of Questions  Percentage 
 A. Introduction  3  2%
 B. Risk Governance  6  10%
 C. Risk Management Framework  12  20%
D. Risk Assessment 12 20%
E. Risk information 12 20%
F. Risk Modeling 8 14%
G. Insurance Mitigation 2 3%
H. Case Studies 6 10%
TOTAL 60 100%


Passing grade – a minimum of 60% correct
Dates: 13th February 2017
Fees: Tuition: Ugx1,500,000= PRMIA Exam Fee plus workbooks: USD550

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