Overall Course Objectives

This course was designed to help   deal with the ever-increasing and complex trends in Cheque Frauds. This course will not only instil a sense   of responsibility in employees but also help them become aware of frauds so that they can be detected and nipped in the bud.

Who Should Attend?

Staff in the operations Department

Key Topics

  • Payment Systems Overview
  • The Clearing System in Uganda
  • Insight into effective Internal controls
  • Cheque book requisition and collection
  • Handling Cheque deposits and Cheque withdraws
  • Understanding cheque fraud scams
  • Understand other forms of potential cheque fraud
  • Handling third party cheque payments
  • Stolen or forged cheques
  • Altered cheques
  • Identify Cheque kitting schemes
  • The mask of deception
  • Cheque security features
  • Management of local foreign and international foreign cheques

Course Dates:           14th – 18th November 2016

Attendance mode:    5 Evenings

Venue:                        UIBFS Training Centre, Kampala.

Course fees:              Shs 475, 000/=

Banking & Finance Skills