Course Objectives

  • To provide participants with knowledge and skills on internal controls for sound MFI management
  • Participants to understand the effects of Risk, frauds and internal controls on sustainability and profitability of MFIs
  • To understand Risks and frauds concepts and Risk management process

Target Participants
Managers, Supervisors, Accountants, Accounts Assistants, loan committee members, supervisory committee members, Board members, Internal Auditors and Compliance Officers.

Key Topics to be covered
• Introduction to Risk: -

  1. Risk concept
  2. Major Risk categories in MFIs
  3. Causes of Risks
  4. Risk management process and Responsibility for Risk management
  5. Risk identification
  6. Risk management strategies
  7. Common credit Risks in MFIs

• Frauds in MFIs
• Management of frauds in MFIs
• Effects of frauds to MFIs
• Concept of internal controls
• Benefits of internal controls and challenges faces
• Internal control activities in MFIs

Dates (2018) Attendance Mode
(3 Full Days)
 Course Fees 
 Ugandans  International

11th -13th Apr
15th - 17th Aug

 UGX200,000  $110