• Some similar courses are scheduled to run for between 2 – 4 Weeks. The 2-week duration is for those who wish to have intensive training and can attend continuously for five days a week while the 4 week duration is for those who are occupied and can attend for only three days in a week. Trainees who have 3-hour classes daily for five days a week will be able to cover the same course content as those who study for three hours, three days a week for 4 weeks.
  • Three study options are available: Morning, Afternoon and Evening.
  • The training fee doesn’t include the cost of the software used in training
Course Software  Duration (Weeks)  Cost(UGX)

Bio -Medical Statistics

Epi-Info, SAS and Sat  2-4 300,000 

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

Sata, SPSS, Epi Data Analysis, Minitab and SAS 2-3  300,000
Data Entry and Database Management Epi Info, Epi Data, MS Access,MS Excel, Microsoft SQL Server Database &MySQL database 2-4 300,000
Advanced Statistical  Researchers Using selected Statistical programs 4 400,000
Business Statistics/ Statistics for Managers SPSS, Sata, Minitab, SAS, Statistical &Excel 2013 2-4 300,000
Data exploration, modelling, image processing, simulations and visualization MatLab 4 400,000
 Econometrics for Macroeconomists STATA  4 300,000 
Policy Analysis Using DSGE Models (Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium)/ DSGE Models in the Policymaking Process  MatLab  4 400,000 
 Accounting and Financing Analysis Excel 2013/ Access 2013  2-4   300,000 
 Project Planning and Management MS Project 2013  2-4  300,000 
 Modeling Structured Finance Cash Flows MS Project 2013  2-4 300,000

Tuition fees per Semester for Professional Courses 2018

Courses  Evening Study(UGX)  Distance Learning (UGX)   Private Study (UGX)  Online(UGX)  
Banking Certificate (BC) 405,000 430,000 330,000 430,000
Certified Professional Banker(CPB) 430,000 430,000 330,000 430,000
Diploma in Microfinance (DMF) 355,000 405,000 330,000 405,000
Certificate in Credit Management CCM) 355,000 430,000 330,000 430,000

Functional Fees per year (2 semesters) for all Professional Courses (BC, CPB, DMF and CCM)

Identity Card  10,000
Membership Fee 65000
Technology fee 45000 
NCHE fee 20,000
Internship/ Project 200,000
Business Project 480,000
Application Fee 20,000

Please take note:
Bank Drafts should be made in favour of “THE UGANDA INSTITUTE OF BANKING AND FINANCIAL SERVICES”. Please ensure that the draft is written in the names as stated above.


  1. Training materials shall be provided for future reference. 
  2. The course fees include Break tea, lunch and Evening tea.
  3. All travel, lodgings and per diem expenses covered by client / MFI are not included in the fees and are met by the client / MFI.
  4. Upon request, these courses can be repeated or tailored to any interested organization and delivered at their own premises.

The Uganda Institute of Banking and Financial Services is the body responsible for the provision of professional training in the financial sector in Uganda. It is a body corporate limited by guarantee and offers professional and skills courses for practicing and prospective staff of financial institutions.

 The Institute hereby invites applications from interested individuals to fill the position of Finance & Administration Manager.


Submit applications, along with copies of academic transcripts, detailed curriculum vitae and day time telephone contact of three (3) competent referees not later than 4.30 p.m. on Friday 16th March 2018 to:

Chief Executive Officer,
Uganda Institute of Banking & Financial Services,
Plot 10 Buganda Road Kampala or via P.O. Box 4986 Kampala.