The East African Banking School is a Regional Conference organized jointly by Institutes of Bankers in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda.
The banking school serves as a forum where bankers from the region, through presentation of researched papers by Top Bankers and other invited Speakers dialogue on a range of issues that impact on their careers and the financial services environment in general. The opportunity to be derived from such a forum for learning, interaction and networking with colleagues and experts from across the region and beyond is invaluable. It provides important, personal contacts and a rare opportunity for valuable exchange of views in both a professional and social perspective.


The major objective of the School is to raise the level of knowledge, competence, professionalism, integrity, trust and confidence among the participants by:

  1. Bringing together employees, employers and experts within the financial services to bridge the communication gap, promote co-operation, interaction and networking, exchange ideas and seek solutions to similar challenges within respective economic and banking sectors in a regional context

  2. Updating their knowledge on the principles and practice of modern banking and finance.

  3. Making them aware of and appreciate the wider issues with which they have to deal with and equip them with the knowledge and skills appropriate to cope with their increased responsibilities.

  4. Enhancing their confidence through taking part in case studies and discussion groups, with special reference to business strategy and personal development.

  5. Helping them meet the current challenges facing banking and financial services.

  6. Contributing to the development of highly skilled, professional and competent bankers in the region.

The chosen Theme for this year’s School is “Changing Paradigms in Financial Services”. The Banking and Financial Services environment is changing rapidly. These changes are influenced by environmental – economic, human, social and political – factors. The changes are not only new, but evolving. There are new paradigms in business strategies, bank mergers and acquisitions, risk and regulations, technological innovations, human resources and management, retail and corporate banking and financial inclusion.
The pace of change and changing paradigms is putting a lot of pressure on financial services organizations. It requires them to be highly creative, innovative in their business strategies and operations.

The 2017 East African Banking School will be held at the Kenya School of Monetary Studies.

Participants shall pay U.S.$800 (Dollars Eight Hundred Only, exclusive of VAT and bank charges/commission) to cover tuition, course material/notes, coffee/teas, lunches, farewell dinner and one day’s excursion during the Team Building Training.

The School is residential for all participants. The Kenya School of Monetary Studies (KSMS) will provide accommodation Bed & Breakfast at U.S $ 65 per day except for days when there is Group Dinner and during the outdoor programme on Tuesday 4th July 2017. However, Delegates who wish to stay outside the school may make their own arrangements.
Apart from accommodation, participants are responsible for their own transport to and from the school, personal/out of pocket expenses, etc. Airport pick up/drop will be arranged on request for Delegates from outside Kenya.

There are no Visa requirements for people from East African Community member countries (Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda).
However those from other Countries should check with the Kenya Embassy in their respective countries if they need Visa to enter Kenya. The Kenya Immigration Authorities allow Visa application at U.S $ 50.00 only on arrival in the country.